laurie giraud
graphic design master student at erg, brussels
contact (at) lauriegiraud (dot) com

Readers: design economic seminar, A5 riso printing and copy, FR/EN, 2018 - in process.
Selection of text fragments and graphic design experimentations in order to document the design economic seminar at École de Recherche Graphique, Brussels.

Red chat, invitations, interviews, A3 support for interviews, A5 transcription booklet, EN, 2018 - in process.
A research field for the re-edition of The Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung.

A scroll in Csepel, 12 pages, 190*270 mm, 2017
6 analog pictures taken during strolls in Csepel, a suburb disctrict in the south of Budapest, Hungary.

Erg booklet, with Louis Garrido, Offset 1000 copies, 84 pages, 105 x 148 mm, + inside cover 297*420 mm,
FR, 2017. Informations booklet for the belgium art school École de Recherche Graphique, Brussels. More informations here.

Digitaliser, numériser, scanner, drawings, A5 booklet, videos and partition, FR, 2017
A research field about the act of digitalisation. A focus on the gesture made by the operator and the tool, extracting and analizing the movements with a serie of videos. The movements are writted on a partition, using its own system of notation.

Entretien avec Thorsten Baensch, 88 pages, 208*250 mm, + 3 A2 posters, FR/EN, 2016
Thorsten Baesnch is the publisher behind the publishing company Bartleby&Co. We met in order to produce an editorial work talking about him and his vision of making books. Like a copist, he creates facsimiles and pastes them in a huge collage that takes the form of a book. I experimented myself this copying process by photocopying extracts of his artworks and by testing the deterioration of the original pictures. These photocopied pictures are confronted with the conversation we had when we first met.